Back after the Holidays

Wow, we’re already over a week into the new year and we’ve not yet asked you all how you’ve been! How are you? We’ve been fine thank you, the Bzzz team have had a bit of a longer break and find ourselves in different countries than before so progress has been slower over the winter but still steady indeed!

We have altered the art for our main character slightly and Maciej has been working hard on structuring the levels within the app and realising the user interface in code. This means I am left with not much to show in terms of pretty pictures and colours, so here’s an attractive picture of a work in progress for the artwork on our menu screen.


It’s such a delight to see some of my earlier sketches being created and improved upon! I’m still creating more levels and I hope to share more of them with you in the coming weeks.

Here’s just a quick plug for our twitter account (see left) and tumblr page where we become slightly less professional and reblog interesting game or other related content.

Roll on 2013!



Please vote for Optix

Please vote for Optix

Please vote for our game on the Indie Dev Grant. It’s a puzzle / colour mixing game. I think it’s the only nomination intended for mobile devices.

You gotta get the Bundle in a Box to vote – it’s Pay What You Want & you get a ton of great indie titles – win/win! (Click on the picture to find out more).

More Menus

Time to catch up a bit more on development and design.

I’ve done some wireframes & design for our menu system that I hope our artist will hopefully be able to realise with more finesse! Of course it’s important that the menu art is coherent with the rest of the game art.

The game is about mixing colours, so I’ve given each button a different colour. At the edges where the primary colours meet, the colours mix to form secondary colours.

Pressing on a button will reveal a sub menu, themed to the colour of the pressed button, as below:

It has been suggested that we keep the menu art in this style, but it would certainly colour the player’s perception of the game away from the slightly darker mood we are going for.

As always, ask anything and it shall be answered!


Vision Evolved in Jellyfish

Vision Evolved in Jellyfish

Vision Evolved in Jellyfish

The above links to an article suggesting that the first animal able to detect light was a Cnidarian jellyfish.

The player character in our game Optix, @isaacjelly, had this to say:

I’m scared… there is no light here… please… help me escape

More updates Isaac’s wellbeing will follow.

Catch-Up & Recommendations

It’s been very busy here in the world of Bzzz, which is fantastic, but it’s a shame when this is of detriment to the composition of a blog.

We had a brilliant time at Eurogamer Expo! That feels like a long time ago now, but we met lots of gamer types who were full of great ideas and we enjoyed scouting around the indies section chatting to other devs. Fellow iOS games Fluid Football and Lazarus were getting lots of attention amongst the PC heavy line-up, and were great fun to play! I’m not a football fan, but as a fan of strategy games Fluid Football has been something of an addiction since the Expo. I’m looking forward to the release of puzzler Sokobond on mobile and will be downloading Chompy Chomp Chomp onto my Xbox next time I have a game party!


The week after Eurogamer was Appsworld and I made the trip back to Earl’s Court to be immersed in the world of apps! I managed to track down a handful of game makers there and got a lot of great advice about publishing. Speaking to those manning the many advertising stands, I had my perceptions of in-app advertising challenged and have started consider a budget for marketing our own game through in app advertising. I still favour a method of cross-promotion through developing our other game ideas and working with developers we have a good relationship with. I’ll have to keep in touch and see what opportunities exist nearer launch time.


The gaming highlight of Appsworld was playing a FPS on the Galaxy 3 using Samsung’s equivalent of Airplay. It’s mad how powerful the computers in phones can be nowadays, especially considering how impressed I was by the graphics of the N64 (and the 8mb expansion pack). The game summed up AAA FPS gaming for me – even on mobiles it just mounts to impressive graphics being hampered by repetitive gameplay and uninspiring controls, but is a good giggle nevertheless.


So now we come to the biggest news, Optix (remember? the game we’re making?) now has an artist! The biggest barrier to showing you all the wonderful things we’ve been up to has been that we thought we could do art ourselves and just haven’t come up with anything we’re comfortable sharing. First impressions in games are visual and therefore the art needs to be perfect. We have found our perfect artist in Inese Vira, artist and game maker extraordinare, whose puzzle game Feed Me is soon to be released for Windows Phone. She’s already had loads of ideas for Isaac’s adventures and we’ll be sharing her artwork for Optix the moment we have enough to kick this project forwards.


OK, that’s a summary of the most recent news. As always, I’ll write about these topics more in depth when those issues arise now I’m back on the blogging bus.